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The Need for the Point, the Essential Identity

The Point, the Essential Identity, is needed in order to comprehend our experience—to reveal it as a unified whole—because the Point is the organizing center of our circle of experience. It is the center of our personal mandala. It is also the direction of ultimate understanding. In other words, the function of the Point, as part of the Diamond Guidance, is to continuously deepen our understanding. How? By pointing it toward our ultimate nature, our final identity. So the Point has to do not only with getting the point, but also with pointing. The presence of the Point points to the depth, so that our awareness and knowledge can penetrate directly to the depth of our Being. It isinteresting that the Essential Identity is a point, given that the term “point” is used in our everyday language in relation to meaning and understanding. In this case, our language has a great deal of wisdom. Consider our use of the expression “getting the point.” That’s how the Essential Identity, the Point, contributes to the function of Guidance. When we say that the Point points, this doesn’t mean that it does anything. By its mere presence, it points. When love is present, it affects our consciousness in a certain way. It makes us generous, it makes us give and appreciate, it makes us do wonderful things. Similarly, when the Point is present, it affects our consciousness in a certain way: It brings us to the point, and it points to the point by its very nature. It doesn’t actually point a finger. If it weren’t for the Point, inner guidance would stay on the same level. The nature of the Point causes inquiry to penetrate, to go deeper, because it represents identity all the way to the Absolute. The Point is really nothing but the reflection of the Absolute in the soul. It guides consciousness and inquiry toward itself as if by magnetism.

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