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The Point is Different from Brilliancy

Brilliancy is the father of the Point. The Point is you; it is your essential self and identity. The Point is different from Brilliancy. The Point, when you experience it, has a living quality to it—it’s living, alive, and responsive—while Brilliancy is just a presence, a brilliant presence. We’ve talked about many ways that Brilliancy manifests. Now, you can attain a quality of Brilliancy where it becomes like the Point. That is more like what people call God, where you see the whole universe as a living, breathing, pulsing presence—just like the Point, but infinite. That’s what we call the Father of the Point, which is a sense of a very immense presence. You experience it by perceiving that at the core of everything there is a living, brilliant intelligence. It is manifesting in everything all of the time, directing everything. It is not directing it in the sense of “do this, do that,” but directing it by making it happen. It is the intelligence that, by its manifestation, brings out life, brings out appearance, brings out all kinds of things.

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