Excerpt About Point

The Point is Part of the Living Ocean of Brilliancy
This dimension of Brilliancy is the connection to the Point, which some people might start experiencing. The Point is a brilliant presence that is who you are, your true self. We can say it is part of the living ocean of Brilliancy, one of its atoms. Brilliancy is not a point, not a concentration of presence. The more you experience it, the more it is in the room, the more it expands and fills the room. It has no specific shape or form. Also, the more it expands the more you feel the sense of cleanness. Everything is clean, which is what I meant by elegant; everything is very sharply, smoothly, and elegantly delineated. There is no dullness on the edges. Everything is bright, clean, and pure. Everything is washed with some kind of pure oil. That is the sense of clarity and brightness you are experiencing as you regain your own eyes through integrating Brilliancy.

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