Excerpt About Pomegranate

Allowing Inner Experience to Change in Kind and Quality

To have the quality of openness is to let something that you are not directing come out and emerge by itself. You’re not saying, “No, what’s next is a pomegranate.” How can you know? If you’re a tree, you don’t know what’s going to come out of you. A human being can predict that a pomegranate will appear on a pomegranate tree, but the tree itself doesn’t know that. Let’s say that after a while you see that you just want love; that’s what you really want. But love as you know it is an emotional thing, an emotional kind of excitement or high. To let yourself change, maybe you have to experience love as a drop of honey inside your heart. You may say, “No, there’s no such thing as honey in the heart. Bees make honey. I use it on my toast, on my granola.” You don’t allow yourself something else: the possibility that at the next stage of development, your heart is full of honey. If you don’t allow that, you’ll never experience the deeper, finer quality of love. So, you need to be willing not only to allow your dreams and your self-image to change completely, you also need to allow your inner experience, your inner sensations, to change in kind and in quality. Otherwise you’ll stop your growth. After a long process of growth, you will discover that some of the deepest and most cherished inner sensations you can have are sensations or experiences of being yourself, the experience of your true identity or Essence.

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