Excerpt About Positions

Fixed Positions Impede the Natural Unfoldment of One's Potential

The discoveries that form the basis of our path, the Diamond Approach, offer an original understanding of why the presence of Being, with its essential manifestations, is not active and functioning in most individuals. The fundamental insight can be stated as follows: Being, as manifested in essential presence and its qualities, is a natural and central part of the potential of the human being. This potential inherently and spontaneously opens up and develops as part of an individual’s maturation. When this unfoldment does not occur, psychological and epistemological barriers are the cause. These barriers consist primarily of fixed beliefs about oneself and reality in general, deeply held attitudes and inner positions, and compulsive patterns of reactivity and behavior. These elements, in turn, are based on and are expressions of psychic attachment (identification) to unconscious and unquestioned images and concepts about oneself and experience in general. These inner attitudes, positions, and assumptions reduce awareness of oneself, limit understanding of what’s possible, and impede the natural unfoldment of one’s potential.

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