Excerpt About Potential

Unrealized Potential of Humanity

Perhaps it is obvious that humanity is still at the beginning of actualizing its potential. We can see that we are not that far into the process of maturation. As part of our human potential, we can be completely transparent, like air; a feeling or inner experience can arise in a completely free way, totally unimpeded, unrestricted, undistorted. The spontaneity, transparency, and fullness of our experience can be present whatever experience we have—whatever emotion, whatever thought, whatever perception—for when we are in a completely natural condition, experiences arise as manifestations of our radiance, of our true light. However, we often have difficulty experiencing much of what arises in our experience as clearly as we might and seeing things for what they are—even things we feel very deeply about. This has had profound consequences for human beings throughout our history, and has caused much suffering and pain.

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