Excerpt About Potential

Recognizing Reality as Infinite Potential

The more that we appreciate Total Being, the more we can recognize reality as infinite potential. There is infinite potential to be anything or not to be anything—to be a self, to be no self, to be dual, to be nondual, and also to be other things that are neither dual nor nondual. The understanding of Total Being liberates us from having to define ourselves in any particular way. And it liberates us from having to define reality in any particular way. But that doesn’t lead to chaos. Rather, it heralds freedom. Total Being indicates that reality is not encompassed by any one particular way of being or experiencing or perceiving. In this way, it reflects the view of totality, which allows many views and many perspectives at once. Each realization is real, each awakening is real, and each has its view. All these views are encompassed by the view of
totality, which expresses Total Being. Of course, practicing from the perspective of Total Being will challenge your ideas of what realization is and what enlightenment is. This perspective will challenge whatever you are taking yourself to be at any moment. When I use that expression, “whatever you are taking yourself to be,” I don’t necessarily mean some particular self; I mean whatever the being is at that moment, whatever the consciousness recognizes itself to be at that moment, whether it recognizes itself as an individual or not. Because as Total Being, you are an individual and you are not; you are human and you are not; you are form and formlessness, and you are neither of those. Understanding that you are Total Being opens freedom totally, in all of its degrees.

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