Excerpt About Prayer

Bowing of Our Heart in Prayer

Some people do feel that what is powerful and scary commands respect because they have to heed it and submit to it. But the feeling of reverence toward true nature comes not from fear but from appreciation. We feel humble and grateful when faced with how exquisite and miraculous true nature is. We can’t help but feel love and devotion as our heart bows in prayer to its majesty. We recognize that the light of true nature, its purity and goodness, is what illuminates all the spiritual experiences, insights, openings, and realizations that we have had and will have. We worship true nature because it is genuine and true, because it is all and everything, because there is nothing but true nature. If we don’t experience this kind of reverence, a door is closed. It means that our heart and our soul are not open in a way that can allow us to be touched by the goodness of true nature.

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