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Prayer with No Past
When we’re doing the Work, we’re not trying to reach a reality inside us, to have some little experience, some little sensation. We’re trying to experience what is the actual state of affairs. What is the truth? What is the reality? What is really happening? What is here? We’re not trying to climb some divine ladder until we get all this light and talk to God over there, “We pray to you, O God.” Who is praying? Who is there? God is a word. Prayer is a word. You praying is all words. What is it beyond those words? The word prayer, with all the feelings you have about it, has a lot of your mother and father in it, and the church you went to. It is all stale. Can you truly pray while you forget everything that has ever happened to you from this moment backward? What would prayer mean then? What does God mean if you forget all that? If you believe God truly exists, that he’s really there, you do not need to remember anything from the past. You do not need to remember what Christ said, or what your mother said, or what your church said. If you believe, truly, that God exists, you will be willing, right now, to just drop all your belief in your ideas and apprehend it. Let it happen. Do not tell me, “No, no, I really believe in God. I have to pray to God.” Bullshit! These are all stories you tell yourself because you still do not believe in God. If you actually did believe in God you would drop it; your belief would become knowledge. Then you would feel, “Why should I believe? I know. Why should I take what someone said in the past and apply it to God? If God is there he’ll show up.”

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