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The Question of Prayer
The question of prayer is profound and vast, and many traditions are built upon it. I can only address it partially here, as it relates to our exploration today. As long as you take yourself to be a separate ego, prayer is good. Prayer could help you to eliminate the separateness. Prayer, then, is not for you to be blessed or rewarded by God. The objective prayer is for you to be taken in, to dissolve in God. Prayer is obviously a powerful method for bridging that gap of separateness. Some people could use it more than others depending on their background. But not everybody can use prayer. You need the right attitude; otherwise, it is just words. Prayer needs the involvement of the heart, indicating that you are willing to surrender, to let go. Ultimately, prayer is like any other method: it is a boat that at some point you will need to abandon. Your life itself will need to become the prayer, or the meditation, or the inquiry. You may practice whatever works for you—pray, meditate, inquire, take aims—until you realize that none of them work. Because as long as you do these practices you are acting from the perspective of non-reality. All of those methods assume that you are a separate individual who needs to get someplace. At least that’s how most people begin these practices. The practices have deeper bases in the truth of reality, but that is difficult to see until we actually arrive at this reality.

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