Excerpt About Preciousness

Waking Up to the Presence of What Exists

When you wake up to the preciousness of what exists, the feeling is that of celebration and uplift. You feel amazingly uplifted. You feel celebration in a joyous way—celebration of Being, Essence, Truth. You can even hear the celebration, the preciousness, as it expands the head. The brilliant champagne drink has a music of its own, similar to the music we just heard; but it sounds more like the tinkling of diamonds together. Ever hear that sound, how diamonds tinkle? A very delicate and subtle sound. But the inner sound has a musical tone as well. As it twinkles it tinkles. [Chuckles] And the tinkling has an effect on the brain: It relaxes it, expands it, and opens it up from within, as if the cells themselves open up. The more there’s the tinkling and the relaxation, the more there’s brilliance and intelligence; and the more there is an awakening, the more there is an awareness of the preciousness that lies within us. It’s our Being.

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