Excerpt About Preferences

When True Will is Functioning Activities and Preferences Come from a Real Place

If we learn the lesson that the way it is, is the way it should be, if we accept that, then everything will run smoothly, and in fact will function perfectly in many more ways than you expect—in what will seem like magical, miraculous ways. Of course, having full confidence and trust in life, and knowing that things happen spontaneously, does not mean that you don’t act in your life. I don’t mean that there is no activity, no action, no preferences in your life. When true will is functioning, activities and preferences come from a real place. They are spontaneous expressions of who you are, not reactions to something you don’t like. They are expressions of the truth of the situation, rather than attempts to change that truth. This perspective on will might be difficult to accept, even to see as possible. It is difficult because of our habitual thought. But it is actually the situation, and maybe in time you will come to see it. As you learn this perspective you will live more in the natural state which is positive, loving, sweet and blissful. Only our misunderstandings, which lead to contractions, blockage and a cycle of suffering, keep us from this natural state.

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