Excerpt About Primary Awakening

For Most People there is Chasm between Necessary and Primary Awakening

The second ingredient needed for essential activation is what I call “primary awakening.” Necessary awakening is necessary in the sense that without it there would be no activation. Primary awakening is central to awakening, the most important part. But neither necessary nor primary awakening are necessarily sufficient for activation—that is to say, more conditions are often needed. For some people primary awakening is sufficient, but not for most. Although it is implicit in necessary awakening, primary awakening is something different; it is the awakening to the truth that we are true nature, regardless of what form or formlessness it takes. If you directly encounter true nature and know it fully, primary awakening is the next natural step. But for most people, there is a wide and deep chasm between necessary awakening and primary awakening. This is the gulf that we try to bridge by working on the narcissistic abyss. This is the gap between encountering true nature and being true nature, between recognizing that spirit is and recognizing that spirit is what you are. It is a movement from a dual encounter with true nature to a nondual one. It is also the movement from experience to realization.

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