Excerpt About Primary Awakening

Simply Experiencing the Beingness that We Are

At some point, as we recognize this light or illumination or presence, we come to see that it is not just something that we experience, it is our very being. This is the primary awakening, when we begin to see something about what we are and what the world is apart from the perspective of being an individual who is having a spiritual experience, who is experiencing spirit or true nature in one way or another. We begin to realize that we as individuals are simply experiencing the beingness that we are and, by experiencing the beingness that we are, we are experiencing our nature in the sense that we know what we are. We know what we are fundamentally, apart from the fact that we are individuals and we are human beings and we are bodies and we are minds and we are hearts. That is to say, we recognize the nature of all of these. We recognize that true nature, even though it is radically other than our ordinary experience, is the nature of all things. It is the beingness of these things. It is what makes these things be, what makes them appear and makes them available to experience.

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