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Purpose, Motive and Meaning are Necessary for Human Beings
what is traditionally referred to as purposelessness and motivelessness, and sometimes as indifference, but more accurately understood as the transcendence of purpose and motive, is not something to try to emulate. One cannot say that there is no such thing as purpose and motivation, and that it is therefore fine to live a haphazard and meaningless life. That attitude would abrogate one's human nature, for as long as one still lives in the cognitive sphere one's life requires purpose and meaning. Purpose, motive, and meaning are necessary for human beings because they are emissaries of the timeless truth of nonconceptual Reality, before they are recognized for what they are. Only when we have integrated the nonconceptual can we say we do not need meaning, purpose, or motive. Otherwise, we will be stuck in the meaninglessness and purposelessness that are the opposite of meaning and purpose. Here there is no transcendence, only disconnection

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