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What is a Question?

What is a question? If you really get into a question, what do you find at its heart? The heart of a question is obviously an unknowing. When you ask a question, you are acknowledging that there is something you do not know. However, a question is not just an unknowing, because unknowing by itself does not necessarily mean there is a question. It is possible to not know and not question. A question has an unknowing in it, but the unknowing is a knowing unknowing. You cannot ask a question unless you know that you do not know. But it is not only that you know that you do not know; you also know something about what you do not know. Otherwise you cannot ask a question about it. The moment you ask a question about anything, you acknowledge that you do not know and that you also have a sense of what you do not know. So the question is arising from a place where there is a knowing of an unknowing plus a knowing of a possible knowing, and this possible knowing is somehow penetrating your consciousness in a way that emerges as a question. It is as if something is tickling you from inside, saying, “Look here, there is something here.” That flavor of unknowing, of a knowing unknowing, is how the unfoldment is arising. Something is coming up. Being is heaving up, presenting one of its possibilities, and that possibility is approaching your knowing consciousness. However, it is approaching it with something you have not known before. This new presentation is touching you from someplace within your heart. And this touching makes you ask a question.

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