Excerpt About Reactivity

The Personality is Constructed of a Continuous Cyclic Movement of Reactivity

Whenever we are reacting to or rejecting anything, we are identifying with that core of frustration. Of course, this core of cyclic reactivity and frustration is covered with something softer, so that usually we don’t feel it. We dull it with all kinds of beliefs and ideas. So we see that the personality is constructed of a continuous cyclic movement of reactivity. It continuously produces more of itself, more frustration and suffering. Understanding this enables us to understand the processes of disidentification, letting go, surrender, and acceptance. Now, what can we say disidentification is? If disidentification means that I’m seeing a certain state which I want to pull away from, who is it who pulls away? It can only be the reactive core rejecting the state or experience. So attempting to disidentify in this way can only increase the frustration rather than alleviate it. So how can you really surrender? How can you truly disidentify? Since the core of frustration is attachment, contraction, and dissatisfaction, you cannot do something which could be called disidentification. The personality can only perpetuate itself. The moment you try to do something, you’re turning a wheel of action and reaction which is what we call the wheel of samsara. Perhaps to you surrender means that you will engage in an activity. But the activity of the personality is a rejection, which is ultimately hope and desire, leading to frustration. How can that be surrender?

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