Excerpt About Reality

Experiencing Yourself as a Sense Organ for the Universe
Seeing yourself as a sense organ for the universe means that you realize that your base or your ground is generating everything. Although you’re connected to the source, you are aware of yourself as an individual within the manifestation. When you feel you are an individual connected to the source you can experience yourself as a sense organ for the universe. But if you recede and look as the source rather than as the individual, then you realize that the sense organ is also being generated. The flow of being produces all experience, all perception, all action, all events, all thought, all feeling. Absolutely nothing is excluded. Everything comes out of the hat. Even the hat comes out of the hat. The only value of that realization is that it's fun, like going to a movie. You enjoy movies because you're not that involved in them. You enjoy a scary movie like Alien because you're not on the spaceship being eaten by the monster. You know it's a movie so you're only somewhat involved in it. You enjoy the feelings and sensations and have fun on the ride. Life is also like this. You know life is being generated so you could be somewhat involved and watch it and have fun. Because you know reality is spontaneously manifesting, you could have fun regardless of what’s happening, even if you see yourself being eaten by a monster. You realize that the monster and the you who is being eaten by the monster are what's emerging at that moment. It's one frame of life.

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