Excerpt About Realization

Living Our Realization

What do we mean by realization? Generally, realization suggests progress on the path; more specifically, it refers to the nondual experience of our nature by being our nature, by recognizing that I and my nature are not two things, by knowing that I and my nature are one and the same. Many of the teachings of the Diamond Approach explore different facets of realization. We can experience our true nature, the purest nature of reality, as being authentic, being real, being what we are, being where we are, or being in the enlightened condition. For some years now, our teaching has been emphasizing that realization is not simply a matter of arriving at the condition of Being, arriving at the condition of being our true nature, arriving at the condition of pure presence or pure awareness or emptiness. Realization is not only a matter of learning about and experiencing the depth of true nature; it comprises how to live what we know, how to express it fully, and how to bring it to life. Living our realization is not other than realization. When we really learn to live our realization, we find that living our realization is not different from realization. Living the truth is not separate from the enlightenment or the awakening or the beingness. Living our realization is simply extending our realization into greater areas and further circumstances, moving from an experience to a lived actuality. So living our realization is realization realizing further and deeper and more complete realization.

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