Excerpt About Realization

The Life of Realization is Runaway Realization

When we recognize and learn about this unstoppable activation, when our being is finally liberated and our consciousness freed, we see that living our realization means something entirely different from what we thought. In the beginning stages of awakening, living our realization has mostly to do with how we can bring the qualities and dimensions of being into our life, with how we can bring the features of our awakened condition to everyday life situations. But from the perspective of essential activation, living our realization is not a matter of bringing our particular mode of realization into our life or of integrating our life into it. It is more that realization itself can’t help but continue to live however it wants. Living realization means that realization continues to live, continues to grow and develop, and what realization is continues to change—it reveals new meanings and new content. The life of realization is runaway realization—realization realizing further realization.

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