Excerpt About Realization

What Does it Mean for Realization to be Complete?

We can also see that the full realization of any condition, such as presence or love or awareness—if it is complete and if we do not take the position that that is where we need to be—naturally moves on to another realization because of the inherent dynamism of true nature. So even though nothing else needs to happen, it can happen. And frequently, realization moves to further realization by revealing another facet of the self that hasn’t yet been recognized or by revealing our delusions or fixed ideas about reality. This might leave us wondering, “What does it mean for realization to be complete when it can move to another realization?” When I say that a realization can be complete, I mean that our experience and recognition and understanding of that one facet of reality is full and thoroughgoing; I don’t mean that it is complete in the sense that it is final and it is all there is to know about reality.

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