Excerpt About Realization

We Don’t Establish Realization by Thinking About It

As we work with these and other nondual realizations in the first and second turnings of this teaching, it is important to learn each one of them and to establish them. To establish a particular realization or awakening or dimension basically means to be free from the obstacles that hinder our being in that condition and to integrate the support of true nature for that condition of realization. We don’t establish realization by thinking about it, concentrating on it, or doing practices that always evoke it. Our work is more about seeing the obstacles to realization, making them transparent by recognizing and understanding each one of them. And because the individual consciousness does not have the inner support to allow itself to be present in a way that can recognize realization for what it is, we also work to integrate the support for the realization. So establishing a realization or a dimension of awakening means that it becomes a station, it becomes permanently available to us.

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