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Recognition of the Soul as the Container of All Experience

Under normal circumstances the body and soul are coextensive and hence function together to locate awareness. The more important meaning of locus—related to the first—is the second one, which is that the soul is the site where all of our experiences, of everything and on all levels, happen. So my experience happens within my soul; it does not happen in someone else’s soul. Although this observation is the basis of the notion of an individual soul, its relevance is that the soul is our personal inner field of experience, the matrix where all inner events and processes happen. In other words, the recognition of soul as individual locus not only leads to differentiating one soul from another, but also to the important insight that soul functions as the container of all experiences. The soul is literally the vessel that contains and holds all of our inner events. Our normal experience does not generally include the perception of the soul as a vessel. Most of us tend to think of ourselves as a self that has experiences, thoughts, feelings, sensations, actions, perceptions, and so on, but we are not necessarily aware of a unified field or vessel that holds all these. The content of our experience seems to us to consist of events—thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and sensations—that come and go, like clouds passing through some obscure medium. We are not aware of this medium, and most of the time do not think that there is such a thing. In this way most of us most of the time are products of our times; we rarely even contemplate this question, because we believe we already know what is happening ......... If we are pressed to consider the question of where our experiences happen, we sometimes think of them happening in our mind, sometimes in our body, or both. We are not clear that we are each a field of sensitivity, a matrix of awareness, and that differentiating this inner matrix into body and mind is experientially arbitrary. Both physical sensations and mental images arise within the same matrix of awareness, the soul.

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