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Essential Presence is the Elixir, the Red Sulfur, that both Awakens and Transforms

In all of this, essential presence is the elixir, the red sulfur, that both awakens and transforms. It clarifies and develops the individual consciousness, the mind, and the heart. It matures the capacity for action. It ripens our faculties and imbues them with all the qualities we need to live and express our realization. Awakening happens for different people in various degrees of completeness. And there are many kinds of awakening to different faces of reality or true nature. In each face, we can awaken to different degrees of completeness. And the more complete the awakening is, the more impact it has on our consciousness, which exposes and begins to transform what needs to be clarified and reveals what needs to be developed. Although the nonhierarchical approach is a powerful way to wake up to reality and to the eruption of true nature, the hierarchical view is more effective for transformation, for the part of the path that has to do with clarification and the evolutionary development of the individual consciousness.

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