Excerpt About Refinement

Maturation of the Heart Into Greater Refinement

As our heart matures into greater refinement, we become able to communicate with greater empathic skill, our body can become sensitive far beyond the physical level, and the mind becomes more open and bright, all of which enables us to live a mature life. We are increasingly more present and skilled in how we live our lives, how we deal with our relationships, how we do our work, how we spend our time. We become wise in our worldly actions and interactions. Wisdom is the great gift of embodied freedom. This maturation and refinement make the divine prism that we are glow even more brightly with all the colors and all the beauty and radiance of our nature. Each facet is a luminous aspect of our nature, expressing the splendor of living being. We all have this potential and possibility to live and enjoy our lives while meeting life’s challenges with increasing capacity and wisdom. In this teaching we are not presenting a formal model of behavior that you should follow—for the simple reason that you can’t decide to act like a complete human being; it is something that develops. But you can meet life’s challenges with more heartfulness and more openness, as you go along. So it’s not whether you have a reaction or not that makes you a developed human being; it’s what you do with those reactions. It is not about what arises for you; it’s about how you respond to what arises—that is the hallmark of maturity.

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