Excerpt About Rejection

The Outright Rejection of One's True Nature

It is our understanding that this deep hopelessness is the primary reason most individuals do not grow and expand in any significant way in their lives. They deeply believe that they are too small and inadequate to do much growing. This leads us to the general method of defense against awareness of the state of inadequacy. Since one deeply believes (usually unconsciously) that the inadequacy is not a state but a fact, and this causes a deep hopelessness about the possibility of expansion, one defends against this awareness by settling for a mediocre life. If there is any expansion it is small and usually only external. The greater the state of inadequacy, and the deeper the hopelessness, the more restricted and confined one tries to keep one’s life. One becomes conventional, pedantic, even petty, actively resisting movements towards expansion, and deliberately, but usually unconsciously, thwarting one’s possibilities of growth. One becomes satisfied with a very small portion of one’s potential, without even missing the greater unactualized part. One lives the small life of a small person. This defense manifests in many ways: in intolerance of new truths or ways of living; in prejudices against different dimensions of experience and perception; in blindness about the true human potential, sometimes fortified with very logical, scientific, or even religious, arguments. It can manifest as the lack of interest in understanding, growth and development. It even manifests as the outright rejection of the dimension of Being, and hence of one’s true nature.

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