Excerpt About Relationships

Reifying Relationship

When we relate to people only through our ideas about what we want and who we believe they are, it renders the relationship stagnant. Once you get to know somebody, that is just who they are. Little blips of newness may pop up here and there, but often we assume we know someone and then rigidify in our mind who we think they are. This reification of another not only limits our ability to continue knowing someone, but limits the relationship as well. There is a universe that neither of you can know yet, because it lies in the intermingling of your consciousnesses as the conduit for new awakenings. For the relational field to evolve, it is necessary to consider the person we are with in a way that allows the energetic field of consciousness to open up and be illuminated with the light of spirit. When this occurs in a conscious way, relationship is infused with the divine and is very much on earth at the same time.

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