Excerpt About Relationships

When the Relational Field Opens Up the Possibilities for Personal Expression

Realization is a very alone kind of process, where inner aloneness is necessary to realize our true being. Realization adds to the field in terms of knowing Being as your nature and not depending on the other for that knowing. A profound ground for a relationship is created when there are two who know themselves in this way. It also works in reverse: The two can discover their nature through the relationship. This is more rare but definitely possible, if we are truly open to learning, because in the relational field, interaction brings out parts of us that don’t come out easily any other way. The relational field opens up the possibilities of our personal expression a thousand-fold, allowing the arising and the understanding of our reactions and emotional patterns, the things we enjoy and delight in, the spiritual qualities of our nature, and so on. These potentials open the field further, and they continue to unfold indefinitely as we keep learning more through our interactions—not just with significant others, but in our daily interactions with many people.

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