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You Have to Take Responsibility to Actualize the Truth

How do you find the true discipline? How do you find your citadel? Essentially, true discipline means using will in the service of truth. It is the merging of will and truth. It means that the will of Essence is in service of the truth of Essence. It means you don’t use your will in the service of
personality. This might vary from one person to another. No one can tell you, “You should wake up at five o’clock in the morning, meditate for two hours, drive to work by yourself, read a book about such-and-such during your lunch hour.” You have to find out by yourself what to do. You find your truth and use whatever will you’ve got to live according to that. It’s not just going to happen. You have to take the responsibility to actualize the truth. You need to use your truth, and you need to use your will in harmony with the truth. For that to happen, the will needs to be objective, and the truth needs to be objective. Objective, as I said before, means not influenced by your emotional state or your unconscious. You need to use your objective will in the service of objective truth. Using your will in the service of objective truth means using the objective will of Essence according to the objective truth about how things are—not according to your emotions, not according to your beliefs, not according to your dreams. It has nothing to do with desires or preferences. It has to do with how things are, how they function. That’s what “objective” means: to live according to the facts, the truth. As long as you say, “I want it another way,” you are going to suffer.

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