Excerpt About Reverence

Intensification of Reverence

The more that we have this attitude of love, respect, and reverence, the more possible it is for essential activation to occur. And as essential activation happens, this reverence only intensifies. This kind of reverence is a certain attitude of the heart, a certain attitude of the soul—humble, prayerful, and offering up whatever is left of our individual consciousness. In kneeling before true nature, what we are giving over is ourselves. This is something that happens as a natural response to the recognition of the majesty of true nature. When we realize that this amazing exquisite reality is also what we are, we feel even more grateful. And although all of us might feel this reverence to some degree, it can grow and become an abiding attitude that gets more intense as we learn more of the secrets of reality. Many issues and beliefs can limit our experience of this kind of prayerful reverence and profound devotion, dedication, and commitment to true nature. It might be that we have not yet had a full encounter with true nature, or that we have still not completely understood it, or that we are taking it for granted in some way. The attitude of reverence means that we recognize the immeasurable significance and the infinite importance of true nature for our life and for our consciousness—throughout this life and whatever occurs next.

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