Excerpt About Runaway Realization

The Capacity to View Reality from Beyond the Individual Self

People often say to me, “Well, you should take credit for the teaching.” It is not a question of credit. There is nobody here to take credit for it. It is, of course, important to recognize that it is coming from this mouth because that is an accurate perception. This teaching didn’t come from some other mouth, but we need to see who is speaking through that mouth. I am mentioning this as an example. I am not saying this is something unique to this individual self; I am saying this for all of you. When you are truly practicing, it is the Living Being practicing; when there is insight, it is the Living Being presenting its clarity; when there is realization, it is the Living Being presenting its nature. When we don’t see that, there is a self-centeredness that appears as an appropriation of the source, the activity, and the realization of the practice. And if we don’t catch that self-centeredness, it becomes a support for the individual self to endure, which keeps us within the limited and frozen point of view that tends to generate conflict and strife. From the perspective of a centered self, Living Being is not free to manifest all of its possibilities. It is only manifesting one kind of possibility—looking always from the perspective of the individual self. From the view of totality, our understanding of enlightenment is not only that it is a runaway realization, moving ceaselessly from one realization to another, but also that there is the capacity to view reality from the perspective of the Living Being, from beyond the perspective of the individual self.

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