Excerpt About Runaway Realization

Realization Realizing Further Realization

I am opening our inquiry so that we don’t get stuck in any one understanding. The moment that we try to pin down the emptiness, to reify it as one thing or another, to attain it, to reside in it, we limit the delights of reality continually discovering itself. As we go on, other ways that reality and emptiness manifest will be revealed. When we realize that practice is realization, then realization is free to realize further realization. In the past, I’ve used the expression, “Being realizing its realization, or its nature, or its possibilities.” But that can make us think of Being as a being, as something that exists. It is less constraining and more precise to say that the view of totality reveals “realization realizing realization” or “realization realizing further realization.” These expressions more closely embody the dynamic, unfolding, moving, and changing truth that can reveal itself endlessly. When we realize this degree of emptiness, our realization is no longer fixed in any particular state of Being or nonbeing. True freedom from the self becomes the freedom of the dynamism of Being to manifest realization beyond realization. When we discover this kind of freedom that is endlessly self-revealing, our realization has become runaway realization.

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