Excerpt About Sacrifice

It is a Joyful Thing to Sacrifice Yourself to the Truth

It is difficult for us to understand how self-sacrifice is the right way because in our cultural environment, self-sacrifice is typically understood as a way to be exploited or victimized. If someone engages in self-sacrifice, it is assumed that the person has a martyr complex, or is manipulative. It is not easy to understand how self-sacrifice can be serving the truth. Self-sacrifice is not only a matter of serving the truth. In some sense, it is the perception of the truth. To truly perceive the truth, there must be some kind of self-sacrifice, because perceiving the truth is realizing that the truth is something bigger than the self, beyond the self, which ultimately abolishes the self. To see the truth is to see that the self does not exist in the way we think that it exists. Then we see also that a true life is not the life we have conceived of. Self-sacrifice is not a matter of suffering. In fact, if we see self-sacrifice as painful, we are still not seeing the truth completely. It is bound to be painful for a long time. It will become less painful. After a while, self-sacrifice is an impulse that arises out of love for reality. When it becomes truly understood, it is a joyful thing to sacrifice yourself to the truth. To give up your life for the truth means to live life the way it is supposed to be for a human being. In that sense, if you give up your life, you save it.

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