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The Very Search for Positive Emotions Prevents Most of Us from Realizing Our Essence

So the person who takes his positive emotions to be his true nature or essence is really missing the truth. Such a person will continue to develop the life of the personality, based on certain emotional states, rather than the life of the essence. But this is the ordinary condition of the unrealized person who is always looking for positive emotional experiences. And it is this very search for positive emotions that prevents most of us from realizing our essence, which transcends both positive and negative emotions. Although we can see here the fundamental difference between essence and emotion, it is usually not easy, especially for the beginner, to tell the difference because they feel similar. The situation is further complicated by the condition of modern Western man, who is very alienated from his emotions. Many people do not even experience their emotions, and the ones who can do not usually experience them deeply or fully. The felt emotions are usually so distorted and dominated by negativity that it takes a lot of hard work to start feeling them both deeply and in a balanced way.

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