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Acknowledging the Poverty of the Mind

As the mind is allowed, or allows itself, to acknowledge its own poverty, to recognize that it is not what can know the Secret, it will slowly accept not knowing. We discover that we cannot know the Secret in our usual way of knowing. The mind begins to learn that not knowing is the way, and becomes willing to rest, to surrender, to die. As the mind begins to relax, the situation of the heart becomes clearer. We begin to see that we don’t feel the true longing, the true wanting, the true loving of the Secret. We’ve been loving other things, wanting other things. Our heart is full of unreal lovers. When the mind is out of the way, we see that the heart is full of various lovers, idols, and impostors standing for the real Beloved. We find all our attachments residing in our heart, everything that we think we should have; all our physical, emotional, and spiritual possessions crowd our heart. We find our heart preoccupied, filled to the brim with things of the world, things of the mind. The mind is still present, but subtly and in the hidden recesses of the heart.

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