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The Capacity for Subtle Seeing

The popular expression “I see,” meaning “I understand,” is probably rooted in the fact of this capacity for perception. Here seeing is tantamount to understanding. The capacity for subtle seeing can be developed to the point of being freed from limitations of space and time. One can see inside the body, can see the anatomical parts of the body, even the cells and the molecules; one can see the emotions, the subtle energies, the essence. One can see things at a distance or in other times. There are other capacities for subtle perception, such as smelling and hearing, but here we are giving examples only for general illustration. Connecting these various capacities with different energetic centers does not mean that it is only in those locations that the capacities are exercised. In fact, such capacities can be exercised, when developed, at any location in the body; indeed, they overlap. Texture can be discriminated by taste, even by seeing, as can density and viscosity. This is also true for the physical senses. However, here the phenomenon points to a very deep truth, that of the unity of senses, or capacities of perception. At the deeper dimension of essence, the centers lose their importance. They are important only at the start, as points of orientation or origination. Later, we see that these capacities are part of the essence itself, that essence itself has the capacity for touch, taste, seeing, hearing, smelling, intuition, knowing, and so on. In other words, the essence is the organ of perception. On this level of realization, all of the capacities are one capacity. It is one act of essence. It is possible to say that essence is consciousness, pure consciousness.

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