Excerpts About Self Seeking

This Work does not work if you want to save yourself. If your work is self-seeking, if it is for the benefit of what you consider to be yourself, it won’t work. It is as simple as that – it simply won’t happen. The process of the Work is a way of giving away the self, surrendering the self, giving up the self, sacrificing the self; and sacrificing it to the truth. This is not a moral idea. It’s not that if you do the work for yourself, you are bad, and God will punish you. Some people think of it that way, I don’t. I think of it as a law of nature. If you want to follow the path of truth, how can you do something for the self, when the self is not ultimately something real? It’s a contradiction. It just doesn’t work that way.
Diamond Heart Book IV, p. 353   •  discuss »

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