Excerpt About Self

What the Self Is Depends on the Level or Dimension from Which Your Mind Operates

How do we go about knowing ourselves? What are you? what is the self? What is the soul? What is essence? What the self is depends on the level or dimension from which your mind operates. The answer changes according to your capacity to perceive, according to how sensitive you are. The sensitivity of the human organ of perception transubstantiates and matures. Perception becomes more nuanced and refined. One of the main contributions of modern Western psychology is that it explores the realm of emotions. The movement of awareness from the physical level to the emotional level is, in most cases, a refinement in perception. It is important to experience and operate from the perspective of emotions. The capacity for a genuine and loving relationship with openness, pleasure, and mutual respect is an expansion of being human. Feeling the value of work and creativity and friendship refines the soul. Other dimensions manifest when we realize the perspective of human emotions. As we become established in our feelings, whole new realms open to perception. The self or soul relaxes and settles whenever it actualizes a certain dimension. That settledness and contentment invite new and more refined perception. To become established in the various dimensions of existence is to become human. If you allow your mind to be open without enshrining your experience as final, your perception of reality becomes more discerning and complete. You can appreciate and enjoy where you are while remaining open to change.

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