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Serving From a Place of Selflessness

We often bridge the spiritual into the world by actions that we are taking to benefit others—by doing acts of kindness, by helping optimize the health in the world or of other people. This is a very worthy and noble thing. There is more to being in the world and having our spiritual freedom, and one of the things that you are bringing up—which is very important—is about knowing who you are and being able to be the presence of what you are as you are making those things happen in the world. That is another level of spiritual freedom, which means that you actually know yourself at every moment to be timeless and outside of the world, at the same time that you are completely present and completely within the world, making yourself a servant of that timelessness. There are various levels of what we do in the world as service and this particular level of service is about being able to have both sides at once, regardless of what action we are taking at the moment—whether it is a noble effort or we are brushing our teeth. When the original goodness of consciousness is active and flowing through into the world, we become able to serve more from a place of selflessness. When the purity of our nature is obscured or we are in the midst of some difficulty, it is harder to do. So it is a process of growing into our natural condition, working through what keeps us from being a more open source of goodness. As we do that, we can integrate further; then our action comes more and more from clarity.

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