Excerpt About Sexuality

The Essence of Sexual Energy

The presence of both the Merging and Strength aspects of Essence is a specific state of consciousness, the essence of sexual energy. One feels sweet and soft, but also strong and hot. One feels the simultaneous presence of both closeness and distance, alternating in dominance. One feels playful, but in a very specific way. The playfulness has a flavor of teasing and flirting. It can become sexual, but it need not. One feels innocently naughty, the kind of clean and joyful naughtiness or mischievousness frequently observed in young children. It is a state of play, pleasure and delight. Frequently this brings about the emergence of the Personal Essence. Then there is added to the experience a sense of fullness, sensuousness and presence. The state attains a pure kind of voluptuousness, where body and Being are indistinguishable. When it becomes sexual it does not become full of desire or longing. It is more the happy interplay of sweetness and excitement, now experienced with the fullness of the Personal Essence. The physical contact becomes enhanced and filled with the sensuous contactfulness of Being. It is play, involvement and pleasure, in which bodies are merged as part of the interplay of the colorful qualities of Essence.

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