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Platonic Forms

Have you read Plato? Remember the Platonic Ideas or the Platonic forms? Socrates said that nobody could ever teach you about the forms. The only way you can know them is by remembering them. You have a memory of them, although you may not be aware of it. By retrieving the memory, you come to the Idea. What you return to is not emotions; you return to your Essence. Essence is more real and more substantial than emotions. Essence is as real as your blood. It is not a reaction. Some people are not only cut off from their Essence, they are cut off from their emotions, too. This makes them very far from themselves. They have only their thoughts, which are the results of the emotions. This is the way we lose ourselves and come to identify with our thoughts. First there is Essence, then the loss of essence, then the resulting emotions, then the loss of the emotions or the conflict around them, which creates all kinds of thoughts. So understanding emotions can help untangle the knots of defenses that are attempts to avoid experiencing the holes. Emotions can point to where Essence has been lost.

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