Excerpt About Son of God

Personal Essence is Called the Son of God
That is what Being does when it is present – if you let yourself be Being, its very nature is a source of Love, a source of Compassion a source of Intelligence, Understanding, Will, Strength, and all of the essential aspects. When we go into the area of seeking, we cut ourselves off from these things and we feel deficient. If we really allow ourselves to be and we learn to digest our experiences, as I said, what will develop, what will emerge and mature is the Personal Essence. The Personal Essence is what is called the Son of Man. Another phrase for it is the Son of God. Because we are that, we are the children of Being. We are the individual personal manifestations of absolute Being. We are Being. This is a fact; it is not something that you are going to arrive at. It is always the true state of affairs; it cannot be any other way. If we were not this Being, we would have no awareness.

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