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When "Here" and "There" Are One Spot
There are further consequences to the understanding of emptiness as non-being, which takes the enlightened awareness to new mysteries. For instance, in the perception of the unity of reality, in which everything is at once being and non-being, there can remain the perception of “here” and “there.” There are here and there, and distance between here and there. When we penetrate the concept of space, there is a feeling of no here and no there. We recognize that emptiness is not a medium. Non-being does not have extension; it is not a medium. We sense that here and there are one single spot, that here is there and there is here. Space does not disappear in terms of perception; as long as there is a distance between here and there that can be measured, there is a concept of space and a perception of space. Even if space as extension is perceived, in the realization of non-being it disappears in terms of a felt sense. Manifestation always manifests in space; True Nature is beyond space, and our realization can reflect that.

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