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Transcendent Spirit Expresses Itself as the very Essence of Personalness

Our spirit, in its transcendent nature, in its unity, is impersonal, which means that it is universal, limitless; but the way it expresses itself in relationship is very personal. It’s the very essence of personalness. This personalness has a sense of true, direct contact, a feeling of immediate intouchness with the other. When I am interacting with another person, I feel that my soul is touching her soul. It sometimes feels to me much more immediate than my hand touching that person; it feels more full, more complete. A relationship between two people can be more or less real. Not only can we both be personally real, our relationship can be real. For that to happen, however, a relationship will need to express the qualities of true nature. You may notice in all of our explorations the implicit principle that our spiritual essence has a sense of perfection, goodness, and purity that is beyond who we are as individuals and is the source of all the beautiful, positive qualities that we think are most human—in the sense of being most expressive of the human heart. It is the generous love, the selfless compassion, the courage, the clear discernment of a situation, the exercise of intelligence, that all lead to the discovery and arising of new knowledge, new insight. These are humanqualities, but more fundamentally they are our spiritual qualities.

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