Excerpt About Spiritual Practice

Opening to the Inner Beloved

When you are called by something inner—something beyond your usual awareness—and you begin to practice, at some point you may begin to notice the impact of that something. You feel awe as you taste the freedom, and if you truly value it, you sense that it’s important enough to pay attention to in a more consistent way. The inward pull begins to gather significance and momentum that gets stronger and stronger until you can’t take your mind off it and can’t keep your heart from being absorbed in it. Should you forget about it, you feel the disconnection, dissatisfaction and, eventually, the pain of that. The yearning becomes a sign that you are swerving from the path, from what you love, which in turn brings you back to the presence of the Beloved you have turned away from. So, if you really apply yourself to the practices and allow the energy of desire to guide you, this will open you more to the inner Beloved, whether or not you ever attend another event that’s considered spiritual. It is difficult to follow the path completely on your own, but you can still do much for yourself.

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