Excerpt About Spiritual Practice

Living Our Realization

So practice is not simply the specific activity with which we are engaged. It also includes the orientation, the intention, the motivation, and the attitude of devotion to practice. Our devotion to practice reflects our love of the truth, our love of the condition of realization, our love of reality. Practice is remembering that appreciation, expressing it, and being harmonized with it as much as possible. Practice is the interest, the love, the drive, the tendency, the movement, to be as authentic as possible, to be as real as possible. When I say that living our realization means continual practice, I don’t mean that we have to be meditating all the time or inquiring every minute. Our formal practices are important because that is when practice is concentrated, but practice continues in our life. We are practicing when we talk to each other. Before we are engaged on the path of discovery, we relate to each other unconsciously—we say what we say and do what we do automatically. When we relate to each other after we are on the path for a while, we don’t relate only to each other. When practice becomes important, the interaction and the conversation have an added dimension of value, a dimension of truth, an interest in authenticity for ourselves and for the other and for the situation.

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