Excerpt About Spiritual Practice

Recognizing Life as Practice

The continuity of practice doesn’t depend on whether we are enlightened or not, whether we are realized or not, whether we are beginners or advanced. Practice is always an expression of realization. Greater maturity in our realization might change the form of our practice, but its continuity is what remains central. The more we are realized, the more we will recognize life as practice, all activities as practice, all situations as occasions for practice. Now, engaging practice so completely and so totally requires a particular maturation of the soul. We are not able to have our practice be a continual practice until our motivation and interest for practice have become our own. The soul matures in this particular way when we develop an autonomous, independent, and true motive for engaging the inner work. This means you are not driven by your mind, you are not driven by what you heard, you are not driven by some experiences you had. You are driven by something much more fundamental, something beyond your individual self.

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