Excerpt About Spiritual Practice

Practice is Being Itself Unfolding

At the beginning of engaging any path or work, we discover that practice means the formal practice sessions. You are doing dhikr or chanting or meditating or praying or inquiring and those are the times of practice; but as the practice matures, you begin to recognize that practice is a way of life—it is the way you live your life. Practice is our Being living its life and working out its dynamics. Practice is Being itself unfolding and revealing its possibilities through its own dynamism. This understanding of practice is beyond our mind, and beyond the influence of our mind. From the perspective of reality, practice is no longer experienced as externally motivated. Nor is it only internally motivated. True practice is below the internal—it functions like the instincts that drive you consciously or unconsciously. When the enlightenment drive is active in the belly center, you are driven to practice. You feel interested, you love to do it, you are focused on it. The drive toward truth is like the drive to survive. Do you ever forget about surviving? It’s not possible. The organism works constantly and automatically to survive. You don’t need to think about it or agree. Survival is natural, is second nature. From the view of enlightenment, the spirit engages the spiritual work in the same way, as second nature. Living our life from the perspective of practice means that practice is second nature to us.

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