Excerpt About Spirituality

Spirituality Involves Seeing Reality as It Is

Spirituality does not just involve seeing that there is spirit in addition to the physical. It involves seeing reality as it is—what actually is there, physical or non-physical. To make that possible, we need to be free from the conviction that makes us focus on the dimension of reality that comes through our physical senses. This conviction is so deep, so solid, and so entrenched, and it pervades our consciousness so completely, so universally, that we take it to be reality. We don’t think of it as a conviction, we think of it as unquestionable reality. Most people never question it. So everyone tries to live their lives from this limited perspective. You take the input of your senses as all of reality and then try to deal with your life from that perspective. Then you get in trouble because that’s not all of reality. So your beliefs are bound to be inaccurate, and your actions are bound to be ineffective. The simplest, most common example of this is that from the materialist perspective you tend to believe that if you have material success, you will be happy, or if your body looks a certain way, you will be satisfied with yourself. But in holding this perspective, you are actually bound to be unhappy, because the perspective of the physical dimension is not the whole truth about you.

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