Excerpt About Stomach

Considering Your Own Reality

It is important to look at our work, ourselves, in terms of this slight difference between reality and truth. When you are working on yourself, it is true that your state at any given time is due to certain emotional things – due to certain deficiencies, due to certain losses of your essence. So you say, “Okay, I’m going to work every second from now on so I can be free of my deficiencies.” It’s a fine wish. However, there’s a reality too. The reality of the situation is that you have certain limitations that must be considered. You have a body, you have a stomach, you have a nervous system, and to be able to survive long enough to find the truth, you need to eat, sleep, feel safe and comfortable. Because there are certain parts of you that are not available all the time, there’s no point in pushing yourself and beating yourself up because you’re not working on your deficiencies every second. You have to take your reality into consideration.

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